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CPA Testimonials

Whenever any of my clients need a Quickbooks set up or have any Quickbooks questions, I send them to Kim.  Her Quickbooks knowledge is amazing! She has the ability to zero in on what our clients are looking for and explain it to them in clear and simple terms.  Every client has called me to thank me for referring them to Kim. I highly recommend her!

John S. Solon, CPA
Matrix Financial, LLC
Wellesley, MA

I am pleased to offer a great reference for Kim Adams who I have been referring clients to for the last 10+ years. Without exception, the feedback I hear from clients is always a positive response regarding Kim's instructions on how best to use Quickbooks in a particular client's circumstances, as well as Kim's prompt return of email and telephone inquiries. Once Kim is on board with my clients, I never have to respond to bookkeeping matters, and I am then able to focus on other tax and accounting matters. My referrals to Kim are a fine compliment to my practice.

Daniel F. Friel, CPA
Waltham, MA

I have numerous clients who have utilized Kim's services. She provides services in a very professional manner, and her knowledge of Quickbooks is outstanding. She is quick to respond to my client's needs and the services she provides to them are an important element of my practice.

Dan Clasby, CPA
Dan Clasby & Company
Beverly, MA

We and many of our Quickbooks clients have worked with Kim Adams for many years.  Kim has proven to be wonderful to work with.  She knows Quickbooks inside and out and is very easy to work with.  Our clients that work with her are always singing her praise.

Lawrence H. Carlton, CPA
Carlton & Duran, CPAs, PC
Bedford, MA

I have referred many of my clients to Kim. I consistently get the same response from them. My clients thank me profusely for recommending Kim, and then proceed to tell me how professional she is. She takes the time to teach them, clean up their records, and help them customize their accounts for their particular business. I consider her a gem, and am very glad to have her in my support network of consultants.

Carol Raphael, CPA
Burke & Raphael CPA’s
Natick, MA

We are a mid-size CPA firm and utilize outside consultants to assist us and our clients with computer and software needs. Anyone that we refer to our clients must be outstanding, as it is a reflection on our firm how a consultant performs.

We have been referring Kim Adams to assist our clients with QuickBooks installations and troubleshooting for about 12 years. Without a question, Kim has been the most successful and highly praised consultant we refer to our clients. I have never had a client who has not been more than totally satisfied with the work that Kim has done.

In addition, Kim is always available for follow-up and to assist any member of our firm in resolving any QuickBooks problem. I would not hesitate to refer Kim to any business installing or currently utilizing QuickBooks.

Paul Schneider, Partner
Schneider, Schneider & Associates
Braintree, MA

I've had the opportunity to refer several of our clients to Kim for their QuickBooks needs that go beyond our firm's expertise. Without exception, they have all been very satisfied and have commented not only as to Kim's technical expertise but also to her high level of courtesy and professionalism.

To me, one of the most important aspects of referring Kim is that I can leave one of our firm's clients in Kim's care and know, with confidence, that the client's needs will be addressed in a timely, professional manner.

We will continue to refer our clients to Kim for their QuickBooks needs and look forward to working with her in the future.

Chris Grant, CPA
Grant & Pottackal, P.C.
Wellesley, MA

As the owner of a CPA firm, it is nice to have Kim as our QuickBooks consultant. She offers personalized services that you would not receive from a large firm. I have found her knowledge of QuickBooks to be unmatched. We have had a 20 year working relationship and I recommend her without reservation.

Nicholas Restuccia
Rizzo & Restuccia, CPA's
Saugus, MA

We have been working with Kim Adams for over 10 years and every time we have referred her to one of our clients, we have always received a thank you for referring Kim Adams. Kim has a specific niche in setting up clients of every industry on Quickbooks,  and where we didn't have the time or expertise in setup of numerous industries,  we felt completely comfortable outsourcing this function to Kim. In over 10 years of working with Kim, there has been much client satisfaction and never once a problem.  

Of course we will continue to refer Kim to our clients, since at the end of the day they are best served by her work.

Donald R. Sandler, CPA
Needham, MA

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