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Remote Consulting

Over the past several years, a very popular way that we serve our clients is via Remote Access. We use a program called LogMeIn Rescue. This software allows us access to your computer over the internet. For your privacy and security, we are only allowed one-time access to your computer. You type in a PIN and then click a box allowing us access. This 6 digit PIN changes every 20 minutes. After our virtual appointment, you click a box for us to disengage.

Many of our clients now prefer Remote Access. The reason is that during a Remote Access session, both the client and the QuickBooks technician can work on your computer simultaneously. You can click and show us things and we can click and correct problems and train you on certain features.

Sometimes you may find that you just need us to look at a mistake for a few minutes and it doesn't warrant driving out for an on-site visit. This can feel like instant gratification to get a solution quickly without a full visit.
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